How a university’s 3D-printed prosthetics club provides devices for amputees

7 października 2017

Duke University’s eNable chapter collaborates with sponsors and other innovators to create and deliver 3D-printed prosthetic devices to amputees

7 deadly sins of documentation

7 października 2017

Why do so many organizations struggle to create clear, cohesive documentation?

Review by many eyes does not always prevent buggy code

7 października 2017

There is a view that because open source software is subject to review by many eyes, all the bugs will be ironed out of it.

Best Open Source Code Editors For Linux

6 października 2017

Here’s a list of best code editors for Linux

How To Convert DEB Packages Into Arch Linux Packages

6 października 2017

Debtap, stands for DEB To Arch (Linux) Package, is CLI utility used to convert DEB packages into Arch Linux Packages.

Codeanywhere – A Feature-Rich Cross-Platform Cloud IDE for Linux

6 października 2017

Codeanywhere is a feature-rich cross-platform cloud IDE

Setting Up iptables Firewall on Linux with Puppet & Hiera

6 października 2017

If you need to manage firewalls (or any application, for that matter) cleanly on more than a few servers, configuration management is usually your best bet.

10 Practical Examples Using Wildcards to Match Filenames in Linux

6 października 2017

Wildcards (also referred to as meta characters) are symbols or special characters that represent other characters.

10 Games You Can Play on Linux with Wine

6 października 2017

MakeTechEasier: Wine doesn’t get the credit it deserves for bringing great games to Linux.

Oracle Brings Blockchain-as-a-Service to Its Cloud

5 października 2017

The company appears to have hedged on its open source bet a bit