Archiwum z Czerwiec 2010

Tutorial: 3 Excellent Command-linefus for Linux

poniedziałek, 28 Czerwiec 2010 is a fun repository for storing and sharing shell…

Things I can do before Windows Boots

poniedziałek, 28 Czerwiec 2010

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to use Linux at work. The kicker is, I need Windows to do part of my work so I have two machines. After a recent power outage, I needed to boot both machines this morning. So, I thought I’d document what I did before Windows [...]

Plone 3 Themes

poniedziałek, 28 Czerwiec 2010

Packt: “This article by Erik Rose, author of the book Plone 3 for Education, is a crash course in Plone 3 theme creation. After untangling Plone’s confusing theming situation, we walk you through the development of a skeletal theme.”

Fedora 11 reaches end of life

poniedziałek, 28 Czerwiec 2010

The H Open: “Fedora developer and Red Hat employee Paul W. Frields has announced that Fedora 11, code named “Leonidas”, has reached its end of life.”

We’re suing everybody on Twitter

niedziela, 27 Czerwiec 2010

The Globe and Mail: “A group of big banks asked a judge to force a financial news website called The Fly On The Wall ( to stop posting immediate updates on analyst research from several major banks.”

Why Tabs are on Top in Firefox 4

niedziela, 27 Czerwiec 2010

Alex Faaborg: “In the Firefox 4 nightly builds, and in Firefox 4 Beta 1, we are changing the default tab position so that tabs are on top. This is a preference that users can change by right clicking on any of their toolbars.”

Kernel Log: Linus resolves to apply a strict policy over merging changes

niedziela, 27 Czerwiec 2010

The H Open: “It would appear that Linus Torvalds has resolved to apply a strict policy of accepting only bug fix changes to the kernel after the merge window has closed.”

Arena Now Set For the Android vs iPhone Robot Showdown

niedziela, 27 Czerwiec 2010

Robot Reviews: “Android and iPhone devices are trampling on their rivals in the free-for-all battle over smartphone supremacy. But which of these two phones is really the smartest and baddest in the planet? A robot match is about to settle this argument once and for all.”

The Planet uses KVM and Ubuntu for Cloud hosting

niedziela, 27 Czerwiec 2010

Network World: “The Linux KVM hypervisor is gaining steam in the cloud computing market, with two major vendors using the virtualization software to create cloud platforms to compete against Amazon’s popular EC2 service.”

Getting Started with Blender’s Particle System

niedziela, 27 Czerwiec 2010

Packt: “Basic and practical uses of the Particle System: Creating Dust, Creating Smoke, Creating Fire, Creating Bubbles, Simulating Rock Slides, Creating Hair/Fur/Grass”