Archiwum z Listopad 2010

GNU find – A Multidimensional Tool

wtorek, 30 Listopad 2010

This is a guest post by Usama Hashimi. Usama is currently a student of MPhil in Economics and enjoys Learning about Linux, Surfing the Internet, watching movies and Listening to Music. Beginners are mostly afraid of the command prompt. Whenever they see one, they immediately say “it’s very difficult”. But it’s not true. The command [...]

Kernel Prepatch 2.6.37-rc4

wtorek, 30 Listopad 2010

Linus has released the 2.6.37-rc4 prepatch. "As suspected, spending most of the week in Japan made some kernel developers break out in gleeful shouts of 'let's send Linus patches when he is jet-lagged, and see if we can confuse him even more than usual'. As a result -rc4 has about…

Haas: MySQL vs. PostgreSQL, Part 1: Table Organization

wtorek, 30 Listopad 2010

PostgreSQL developer Robert Haas has begun a series of articles comparing the architecture of PostgreSQL and MySQL. "So, all that having been said, what I'd like to talk about in this post is the way that MySQL and PostgreSQL store tables and indexes on disk. In PostgreSQL, table data and…

Lightspark 0.4.5 With New Graphics Engine Nears

poniedziałek, 29 Listopad 2010

Lightspark 0.4.5 is nearing release with its new graphics engine. The release candidate for Lightspark 0.4.5 just came this Saturday, boasting this new graphics engine that more heavily leverages Cairo for graphics drawing and offloading more of the workload to the graphics processor for this free software project aiming to…

Installing KVM Guests With virt-install On Ubuntu 10.10 Server

poniedziałek, 29 Listopad 2010

Unlike virt-manager, virt-install is a command line tool that allows you to create KVM guests on a headless server. You may ask yourself: "But I can use vmbuilder to do this, why do I need virt-install?" The difference between virt-install and…

ADeskBar Combines Ubuntu’s Taskbar and Menu Bar into One Feature-Filled Dock

poniedziałek, 29 Listopad 2010

While Docky is still a favorite among Ubuntu users, panel replacement app ADeskBar replaces both the Menu Bar and Taskbar in Ubuntu, adding a few other features to the mix as well like quick Terminal access, stacks, and a quick search box. More »…

Hands-On: A First Look at Diaspora’s Private Alpha Test

poniedziałek, 29 Listopad 2010

The Diaspora project has launched a private alpha test of its open source social network. It is opening up its own hosted instance of Diaspora to a select group of testers, starting with people who contributed financial support when Diaspora was first getting off the ground. The initial group of…

Fuduntu 14.5 – Subtle improvements

niedziela, 28 Listopad 2010

~/Blog: “When building Fuduntu, I didn’t expect it to become a distribution used by anyone other than myself, however it seems to have gained a small user base, perhaps in the hundreds which is wonderful.”

Six Key Answers to Copyright Bill Questions

niedziela, 28 Listopad 2010

The Tyee: “Separating fact from fiction will not be easy, but getting straight answers to the following questions will be crucial: “

Virtualization With KVM On Ubuntu 10.10

sobota, 27 Listopad 2010

Howtoforge: “This guide explains how you can install and use KVM for creating and running virtual machines on an Ubuntu 10.10 server. I will show how to create image-based virtual machines and also virtual machines that use a logical volume (LVM)”