Archiwum z Styczeń 2011

Firefox 4 Entering the Home Stretch

sobota, 29 Styczeń 2011

Yesterday's Firefox 4 beta 10 release will be followed by eleventh and perhaps twelfth betas. Also coming: a cautious initial approach to graphics acceleration.

2011: The Year of the Linux Tablet

sobota, 29 Styczeń 2011

vs iPad: “For what seems like forever, we’ve been hearing the Linux fanboys of the world proclaiming that the coming year will be the “Year of the Linux Desktop.” It’s has become somewhat of a joke amongst Linux naysayers and even with the Linux faithful.”

Weekend Project: Tackle Color Management on Linux

sobota, 29 Styczeń 2011 “Do you see what I see? Maybe, if you have taken the time to tackle color management on your machine. The major desktop environments for Linux give 90 percent of users all the tools they need to see all of their images in device-independent accuracy.”

Mozilla sprints to improve developer documentation

sobota, 29 Styczeń 2011

Netstat -vat: “For the last six plus months, Mozilla developers have been focused on building Firefox 4. That’s not the only effort that Mozilla is now sprinting to complete, developer documentation at the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is now also being completed.”

LCA 2011: Keynote speaker censured over sexual images

sobota, 29 Styczeń 2011

IT Wire: “One of the keynote speakers at the 12th Australian national Linux conference has been censured over the use of some sexual images in his presentation.”

Editor’s Note: Replacing KDE4

piątek, 28 Styczeń 2011

Yes, I am one of those grumpy KDE 3.x fans who can’t deal with KDE4. So I’ve been trying out different desktop environments and window managers to replace my beloved KDE, and it has been fun and enlightening.

Identify Slow Queries using MySQL’s Analysis Tools

piątek, 28 Styczeń 2011

Database Journal: “Using MySQL analysis tools, you can identify and optimize slow queries in order to eliminate the bottlenecks that they cause. Rob Gravelle examines the Slow Query Log and Explain command, which can both help identify slow queries.”

TurnKey Linux 11 released (part one)

piątek, 28 Styczeń 2011

Turnkey Linux: “Ladies and gentlemen, part 1 of the TurnKey Linux 11 release is now officially out, including 45 new images based on Ubuntu 10.04.1. We pushed out the 11.0 release candidates 3 months ago, and with the help of the community have tested the images and resolved the few remaining issues.”

Google Gives Developers First Crack at Honeycomb

piątek, 28 Styczeń 2011

Enterprise Mobile Today: “Google on Wednesday gave mobile application developers their first look at its Android 3.0 mobile operating system for tablets, releasing a preview of the Honeycomb software development kit (SDK).”

Google Summer of Code 2011 Announced

piątek, 28 Styczeń 2011

Linux Pro Magazine: “Carol Smith, member of the Google Open Source Programs Office, announced the 2011 Google Summer of Code Program at this week’s”