Archiwum z Styczeń 2011

The Deeper Significance of LibreOffice 3.3

piątek, 28 Styczeń 2011

Computerworld UK: “Over on the RedMonk blog, there’s an entertaining post by James Governor on the subject of forks, prompted by the imminent arrival of a major new version of Android, version 3.0, code-named “Honeycomb”, designed with tablets in mind:”

CodeWeavers Introduces CrossOver Impersonator

piątek, 28 Styczeń 2011

The Minnesota developers at CodeWeavers have made the surprise release this morning of CrossOver Impersonator and CrossOver Games Impersonator. The "Impersonator" is their name for the version 10.0 family of CodeWeavers products since they feel that this Wine-based software does a very nice job impersonating Microsoft Windows under Linux and…

Tutorial: 5 VPN Clients for Linux

piątek, 28 Styczeń 2011

Administering heterogenous networks means making Mac and Windows play nice with Linux, and each other, even when they don't want to. Here are five Linux VPN clients for Cisco, Juniper, and other VPN servers.

Review: Tired of Gnome and KDE Bloat and Bling? Try XFCE 4.8

piątek, 28 Styczeń 2011

When you get tired of bloat and bling, try the lean, mean, clean XFCE 4.8. 3.3 Released to Deaf Ears

czwartek, 27 Styczeń 2011

One day after the announcement of LibreOffice 3.3, Oracle released the free version of Perhaps it was due to the lack of fanfare, but it seems this release was met with a collective indifference.

Tutorial: More Deep Discovery on your Linux Server With /proc

czwartek, 27 Styczeń 2011

Linux's amazing and powerful pseudo-filesystem proc isn't just for peering into a running kernel. Juliet Kemp shows how Linux admins can also change kernel parameters on the fly.

Review: Can Linux Open-Xchange Replace Microsoft Exchange?

czwartek, 27 Styczeń 2011

Whether you're replacing Microsoft Exchange or just looking for a competent groupware server, Open-Xchange is one of the leading contenders for Linux. How does it rate? Very well, with a few caveats.

What’s Next for LibreOffice?

czwartek, 27 Styczeń 2011

LibreOffice 3.3 wasn't even released yet when plans for upcoming versions were being hammered out.

LibreOffice 3.3 Frees Open Source Office Suite

środa, 26 Styczeń 2011 “Stick a fork in it, LibreOffice 3.3 is done.”

What’s Up with openSuSE?

środa, 26 Styczeń 2011

ZDNet: “This post is not intended as criticism of the openSuSE project in any way. Most of what I am writing about here concerns their next release, which is currently at Milestone 5″