Archiwum z Czerwiec 2011

People behind Debian: Sam Hartman, the Kerberos package maintainer

niedziela, 26 Czerwiec 2011

apt-get install debian-wizard: The amazing story of a blind software developer that has made incredible contributions.

Auto-configure IPv6 for your Network

niedziela, 26 Czerwiec 2011

BeginLinux: “In this tutorial will look at configuring the RAdvD on openSUSE 11 to advertise the Network Prefix and default gateway so we can work with global addresses without any configuration on the hosts.”

Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week

niedziela, 26 Czerwiec 2011

InternetNews: ICANN expands the Internet, Firefox’s rapid releases and why looking good matters

Big data and open source unlock genetic secrets

niedziela, 26 Czerwiec 2011

O’Reilly Radar: “In the interview, Quinn shares insights about applying open source to data management and combining public data with experimental data.”

OIN-A patent pool to protect Linux users from lawsuits

sobota, 25 Czerwiec 2011

Unixmen: “OIN or the Open Invention Network is an industry-supporting independent group consisting of Linux users in a linux-logoroyalty-free environment and be protected from lawsuits for license infringement by proprietary software owners.”

Linux is all growed up now

sobota, 25 Czerwiec 2011

ITWorld: The memes we clung to in days past should be let go

Open source music identification technology launched

sobota, 25 Czerwiec 2011

CMU: “A digital company called The Echo Nest has launched a Shazam-style technology that is open source, and can therefore be used by any developers wanting to incorporate audio-based music identification into their product.”

Faster password hashes cracking based on the DES algorithm on CPUs

sobota, 25 Czerwiec 2011

Help Net Security: “Openwall released an updated version of John the Ripper, a password security auditing tool and open source project, providing the community with improvements in the performance of cracking password hashes based on the DES algorithm on CPUs.”

Weekend Project: Setting up DNS Service Discovery

sobota, 25 Czerwiec 2011 DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD) is a component of Zeroconf networking…

Exploring Art with Chrome Store

sobota, 25 Czerwiec 2011

Computer Geek: “Being an artist in heart, I started to explore different drawing apps in the store. In this post I would like to introduce you to three different apps and my experience with them.”