Archiwum z Lipiec 2011

The top five Linux desktop vendors

niedziela, 31 Lipiec 2011

ZDnet: Sick of Windows, but don’t feel comfortable installing Linux yourself? No problem. There are many vendors who will sell a Linux laptop or desktop that’s ready to go.

Four great pipe menus for Openbox

niedziela, 31 Lipiec 2011

TechRepublic: Here is why I like Openbox pipe menus, which make the Linux desktop much more efficient for those who do without Gnome or KDE, and four of my favourite ones.

Top Five Best WordPress Plugins for Business

niedziela, 31 Lipiec 2011

Wazi: Thanks to a few free WordPress plugins, you can help boost your search engine friendliness, do a better job with web analytics, create better copy, and much more.

Mandriva 2011 Almost Ready, RC2 Released

piątek, 29 Lipiec 2011

OSTATIC: “Mandriva 2011 RC2 was released yesterday with lots of bug fixes and stability improvements. In the release announcement Eugeni Dodonov also introduced the new release manager, Denis Koryavov from ROSA Labs.”

Do Apple iPhones and iPads Outlast Google Android Devices?

piątek, 29 Lipiec 2011

The VAR Guy: “Unlike their Apple counterparts, it looks like Android devices are seemingly disposable and become outdated pretty darn quickly.”

How to Run Scripts at Ubuntu Server Startup

piątek, 29 Lipiec 2011

BeginLinux: “Understanding how and which scripts start at boot with Ubuntu is a bit challenging. There are three ways currently to run scripts at startup with Ubuntu.”

Explore the Universe: The Three Best Linux Stargazing Apps

piątek, 29 Lipiec 2011 “There are three superior Linux/FOSS stargazing applications: KStars, Celestia, and Stellarium. Each one is crammed full of pretty eye candy and scientific goodness, and each one is distinctly different.”

Raspberry Pi $25 PC goes into alpha production

piątek, 29 Lipiec 2011 “It will run Linux in some form, but importantly it’s only $25 and will allow access to the wealth of free tools Linux has access to.”

Build Blazing Fast PHP Websites with Memcached Distributed Caching

piątek, 29 Lipiec 2011

PHPbuilder: Memcached offers great caching advantages for PHP developers with a need for speed, and integrating it is easier than you think.

Open Cloud Initiative launch fights cloud lock in

piątek, 29 Lipiec 2011

IT World: “Open data is a solution to the problem that many users may not recognize they have: how to keep their data accessible and controlled in an environment where that data is increasing online and typically out of control and (at times) inaccessible.”