Archiwum z Październik 2011

Cable Green, director of learning at Creative Commons, on the obviousness of open policies

niedziela, 30 Październik 2011 Cable Green, director of learning at Creative Commons, gave the final morning’s opening keynote at the 2011 Open Education Conference on the seeming obviousness of open policy as a necessity for education.

Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week

niedziela, 30 Październik 2011

InternetNews: Open hardware, HP’s aboutface and the scattered status of NoSQL

Week 1: Ubuntu Unity instead of Windows 7 and ready to scream

niedziela, 30 Październik 2011

NetworkWorld: I am on a two-week mission to see if I can fully replace Windows 7 with Ubuntu 11.10 for work.

Linux Foundation proposes to use UEFI to make PCs secure and free

sobota, 29 Październik 2011

ZDnet:The Linux Foundation and friends are working on using UEFI so that computers can be both more secure and give users freedom of operating system choice instead of using Microsoft’s secure boot plan to lock users into Windows 8.

The Kernel Panel at LinuxCon Europe

sobota, 29 Październik 2011 Linux users got a rare opportunity to hear directly from the hackers at the core of the Linux kernel on Wednesday at LinuxCon Europe.

My Top 14 WordPress Plugins For Niche Sites

sobota, 29 Październik 2011

Linux-News: “I am a firm believer that selecting the right plugins can go a long way towards getting your niche site above your competitors in the search engine rankings.”

jQuery and Ajax Error Detection and Handling

sobota, 29 Październik 2011

Wazi: “If you struggle with diagnosing and resolving Ajax errors, try these error detection and resolution techniques and technologies.”

Dual-boot Ubuntu 11.10, Windows 7 on a PC with 2 hard drives

sobota, 29 Październik 2011 “A step-by-step guide on how to dual-boot Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 7 on a computer with two hard drives.”

Mozilla/Microsoft deal: What’s the problem?

sobota, 29 Październik 2011

IT World: “It’s pretty much an open secret why Mozilla partnered with Microsoft on this project: revenue.”

The Linux Desktop: Rich with educational software

piątek, 28 Październik 2011

The open source revolution: “Sure, I’ve used some educational software for GNU/Linux like Stellarium and Celestium which are excellent astronomy programs, but I’ve never really looked to see what is available for children.”