Archiwum z Grudzień 2011

There Is No Such Thing as Android, Only Android-Compatible

sobota, 31 Grudzień 2011

Wired: The real beauty of open source software isn’t that it’s free; it’s that it’s free to change. Developers can tinker with it, strip it down or build it out, depending on their wants and needs.

Open Source Licensing Defuses Copyright Law’s Threat to Medicine

sobota, 31 Grudzień 2011

UCSF: Enforcing copyright law could potentially interfere with patient care, stifle innovation and discourage research, but using open source licensing instead can prevent the problem, according to a physician – who practices both at the University of California, San Francisco and the San Francisco VA Medical Center – and a legal scholar at the UC Hastings College of Law.

Think Penguin’s "Penguin Air" reviewed.

sobota, 31 Grudzień 2011

The PowerBase:When in the market market for a Linux laptop, or one that simply does not have a Windows license attached to it, it can be impossible to find a good review of the units you are shopping for.

Recover Your Deleted Files In Linux using Scalpel Utility

sobota, 31 Grudzień 2011

Linuxaria: Have you accidentally deleted an important file because you are in a habit of using “Shift+Del” rather than delete only?? Well don’t panic. There is a utility named as “scalpel” which helps you in recovering the so called “permanent deleted” files.

Wargus – Open-Source Warcraft II On Linux

piątek, 30 Grudzień 2011

Phoronix: An update has been released to Wargus, an open-source version of the Warcraft II game that was originally released back in the 90’s

Matt Mullenweg’s Resolutions for 2012

piątek, 30 Grudzień 2011

GigaOM: Founder of WordPress opens up about his views of the year ahead.

Demystifying Krita with Comics

piątek, 30 Grudzień 2011 Linux painting apps like Krita can produce stellar results.

GNOME 3.3.3 Heats Things Up For GNOME 3.4

piątek, 30 Grudzień 2011

Phoronix: GNOME 3.3.3 is now available as the latest update in what will ultimately become GNOME 3.4 next March.

Facebook shuts down EventPress development

piątek, 30 Grudzień 2011

Always Right: “The legal department of Facebook has recently forbidden EventPress developer, Kunal Bhalla, to continue his (brilliant) work on EventPress, as it’s similar to a Facebook product (Facebook events).”

The Top Five Linux Stories of 2011

piątek, 30 Grudzień 2011

ZDnet:: 2011 was a big year for Linux, but then what year isn’t a big one for Linux these days?