Archiwum z Grudzień 2011

Using OpenLDAP for Remote Authentication

piątek, 30 Grudzień 2011

Wazi: “Here’s an introduction to the software and instructions on how to implement OpenLDAP as an authorization server.”

Suicide Linux, Not for the Faint Heart

piątek, 30 Grudzień 2011

Ubuntu Vibes: “Suicide Linux punishes those users who often misspell terminal commands.”

KDE SC 4.8 Release Candidate Is Ready for Testing

czwartek, 29 Grudzień 2011

Softpedia: KDE Software Compilation 4.8 Release Candidate brings hundreds of bug fixes and general improvements. The final release of the KDE Software Compilation 4.8 environment, in January 2012, will contain lots of interesting features.

Linux Controversies of 2011: Does Richard Stallman Still Matter?

czwartek, 29 Grudzień 2011

InternetNews: From the ‘Free as in Freedom’ files..

Packages you should install from the get-go

środa, 28 Grudzień 2011

When re-installing or performing a fresh installs of Linux, I’ve found that packages often disappear from default installations. These are the tools I install from the get-go. I’m sure there is more that I’m missing, next time I re-install I’ll update the list. Feel free to contribute your favorites to the list in the comments! vim Because I like the [...]

Linux Controversies of 2011: Linux Mint is the Most Popular Distro

wtorek, 27 Grudzień 2011

InternetNews: From the ‘Top Linux Controversies of 2011′ files:

GNOME Shell -the UI revolution is well under way

wtorek, 27 Grudzień 2011

Linux User & Developer: “This past year has seen some interesting developments in the Linux desktop arena. GNOME 3, obviously, has been a big bang. But I would also mention the wide spread of Xfce 4.8, which shipped with openSUSE in March 2011.”

jEdit: The Force is Strong with This Programmer’s Editor

wtorek, 27 Grudzień 2011

Wazi: “jEdit’s design allows you to use it as a simple editor, but also use it as an IDE and expand its functionality via plugins so that it becomes exactly what you want it to be for the task or language at hand.”

Quality in Ubuntu

wtorek, 27 Grudzień 2011

Jono Bacon: Quality has always been an important value in the Ubuntu community, but over the last few releases we have faced some challenges in how we can assure and deliver quality.

Red Hat CEO Explains Open Source Success

poniedziałek, 26 Grudzień 2011

The Street: CEO Jim Whitehurst said the company has been so successful in open source software because of its vast army of engineers and because it places support behind its releases.