Archiwum z Styczeń 2012

Beets Music Tagger: Command Line Tool To Fix Metadata And Organize Your Music Li

poniedziałek, 30 Styczeń 2012

Web Upd8: “beets is a cross-platform command line music tagger and organizer.”

Simple Linux Auditing

poniedziałek, 30 Styczeń 2012

HowtoForge: “Basic Linux system auditing is a bit tricky and data collected and information of that is out of place and readability is not that good.”

Ubuntu creator warns businesses to be wary of cloud lock-in

niedziela, 29 Styczeń 2012

TechWorld: “The industry is moving towards a world where multiple public cloud providers will be competing on price, functionality and uptime.”

Chromebooks are the electric car of laptops

niedziela, 29 Styczeń 2012

IT World: “Chromebooks have to make their mark in education first, because they’re too full of what-ifs for consumers right now.”

Top five open source social networking platforms available in the market

niedziela, 29 Styczeń 2012

Linux-News: “Before choosing social media software just get all available information about it and conclude weather, it will benefit you or not.”

Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week

niedziela, 29 Styczeń 2012

InternetNews: The HUD is all about focus

VeriSign Growing Revenues and Domain Name Base

niedziela, 29 Styczeń 2012

EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet: As renewal of the .com registry nears, VeriSign posts strong 2011 results

More Systemd Fun: The Blame Game And Stopping Services With Prejudice

sobota, 28 Styczeń 2012 Systemd, Lennart Poettering’s new init system that is taking the Linux world by storm, is all full of little tricks and treats.

Kernel Log: Coming in 3.3 (Part 1) – Networking

sobota, 28 Styczeń 2012

The H Open: Version 3.3 of the Linux kernel offers another way to team multiple Ethernet devices.

Btrfs To Go Production-Ready In Oracle Linux

sobota, 28 Styczeń 2012

Phoronix: Btrfs, the quite promising next-generation Linux file-system that’s been in-development for years by Chris Mason and others, is about to take on a big role within Oracle’s Enterprise Linux distribution.