Archiwum z Luty 2012

Gnash 0.8.10 GNU Flash player released

niedziela, 26 Luty 2012

The H Open: Version 0.8.10 of Gnash, an open source Flash player, has been released.

Ten Things I Wish I Knew When Becomming A Linux Admin

niedziela, 26 Luty 2012

Pinehead:Ten years ago I installed Linux for the very first time.

Avoiding Common WordPress Setup Mistakes

niedziela, 26 Luty 2012

Wazi: WordPress is versatile, easy to use – and provides an easy venue for users to make some very common mistakes.

Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week

sobota, 25 Luty 2012

InternetNews: Here’s the beautiful thing about this business; the deals don’t matter to us.

GNOME 3.4 Beta 1 Released

sobota, 25 Luty 2012

Softpedia: The GNOME Project announced February 24th, the immediate availability for download and testing of the first Beta release of the upcoming GNOME 3.4 desktop environment.

Fedora Scientific, an interview with Amit Saha

sobota, 25 Luty 2012

Floss4Science: Our latest interview is with Amit Saha, responsible for Fedora Scientific, a Fedora based distribution geared towards scientists, students and professionals alike.

Webopedia Term of the Day: what is Nomophobia?

sobota, 25 Luty 2012

Webopedia: “The fear of being out of mobile phone contact. The phrase was coined by a U.K. study commissioned by SecurEnvoy as an abbreviation for no-mobile-phone phobia.”

ISPConfig 3 With Xeround Cloud Database Service

sobota, 25 Luty 2012

HowtoForge: “This tutorial is a companion to any of the Perfect Server tutorials. ISPConfig 3 will not work with the Xeround Cloud database service by default.”

Dream Studio 11.10 Is Based on Ubuntu 11.10

sobota, 25 Luty 2012

Softpedia: “Being based on the Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) operating system, the brand-new Dream Studio 11.10 distribution has lots of new features and a beautified Unity-based desktop.”

How to run an Android phone without Google

piątek, 24 Luty 2012

IT World: “Does Android really allow for a smartphone experience where you don’t share with Google?”