Archiwum z Marzec 2012

Tech Comics: "Old Geeks"

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012

Datamation: As geeks age, their preferences in gadgets tends to change.

ViewVC Helps CVS and SVN Go GUI

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012

Wazi: ViewVC is a full-featured browser interface for the CVS and Subversion version control systems (VCS).

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Beta 2 Released.

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012

Ubuntu: The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the final beta release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long-Term Support) Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products.

You Can Acquire Open Source Companies, But You Can’t Buy Open Source Community

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012

Hack Education: Blackboard has just announced its acquisition of Moodlerooms and Netspot, two companies that help provide support and deployment services for schools that use the open-source LMS Moodle.

Wrangling Data Vizualization with Gnuplot 4.6

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012 Let’s face it: everybody likes having data, but nobody likes staring at a column of numbers.

How to Back Up & Restore Your Installed Ubuntu Packages With APTonCD

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012

How To Geek: APTonCD is an easy way to back up your installed packages to a disc or ISO image.

Google’s Go Programming Language Grows Up: Now What?

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012

ReadWriteWeb: Does the world really need another C-ish programming language?

Ask Slashdot: What Defines Success In an Open Source Project?

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012

Slashdot: “An academic paper summarized the results, agreeing (albeit with more precision) that motivations for Open Source projects are varied. Has anything changed since then?”

Running LinOTP On CentOS 6.2

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012

HowtoForge: “This howto will show how you can set up LinOTP on CentOS 6.2.”

3 minutes with GNOME 3.4 built-in desktop recorder

piątek, 30 Marzec 2012 “After spending some time messing with it, I can say very confidently that it is just about the best feature in GNOME 3.4.”