Archiwum z Maj 2012

Open Source WordPress Turns Nine as 3.4 Release Nears

wtorek, 29 Maj 2012

InternetNews: From the ‘Little Blog Software That Could’ files

Python4Kids New Tutorial: Being Exceptional

wtorek, 29 Maj 2012

Python Tutorials for Kids 8+: Apparently, in Python, it is easier to ask for forgiveness rather than seek permission. That is to say, the normal approach when writing Python code is to assume that what you are trying to do will work properly.

Fedora 17 Release Roundup

wtorek, 29 Maj 2012

Editors’ Note: Well today is the big day for Fedora – the release of the Beefy Miracle aka Fedora 17. We’ve been getting submissions all day on Fedora 17 news and here’s a roundup of a few of our favs

Apache JMeter 2.7 measured up

wtorek, 29 Maj 2012

The H Open: Version 2.7 of Apache JMeter has arrived, adding new system sampling for operating system processes, improved JMS, WebService and Test samplers, and improved graphs and reports

OData Protocol Close to Becoming an Open Standard

wtorek, 29 Maj 2012

DevX: Open Data protocol is headed toward OASIS standardization and it could simplify the way Web data queries and updates occur.

What’s New in Nmap 6

wtorek, 29 Maj 2012

LinuxForYou: Version 6 of Nmap  was recently released after almost three years of active development and boasts a more powerful Nmap Scripting Engine

Become a Vi Master by Learning These 30+ Key Bindings

wtorek, 29 Maj 2012

HowToGeek: Vi is a powerful text editor included on most Linux systems

Microsoft Linux (SUSE) Developed More Closely With Microsoft

wtorek, 29 Maj 2012

Techrights: Microsoft’s mischievous moves in Germany and how it has managed to intervene with the direction of Linux and FOSS

Precision and purpose: Ubuntu 12.04 and the Unity HUD reviewed

wtorek, 29 Maj 2012

Ars: Although Unity’s quality has grown to the point where it fulfills our expectations, the user experience still falls short in a number of ways

Bluefish. A powerful HTML editor, and more.

sobota, 26 Maj 2012

 Linuxaria: Bluefish is a very intuitive software, thanks to some really interesting features it makes writing code a very relaxing, and not chaotic, experience .