Archiwum z Lipiec 2012

Open Source Asterisk Leader Kevin Fleming Leaving Project

wtorek, 31 Lipiec 2012

InternetNews: Fleming announced today that he is now moving on from Asterisk and its corporate parent Digium.

Steam on Linux Interview with Ethan Lee

wtorek, 31 Lipiec 2012

Linux User & Developer: We talk to Linux Game Developer Ethan Lee on the current state of games for Linux, and how Steam will help revolutionise it.

Android gaming tablet Wikipad sheds 3D, grows to 10"

wtorek, 31 Lipiec 2012

IT World: I was more than a bit skeptical about the Wikipad but I’m slowly coming around, based on new information and some changes in the gaming-scape.

Uhuru platform spans .NET, open-source worlds

wtorek, 31 Lipiec 2012

GIGAOM: Uhuru’s AppCloud Ready To Go service targets developers who want to write applications that span the .NET and open source worlds.

Netflix open sources its army of monkeys that attack Amazon’s cloud

wtorek, 31 Lipiec 2012

Network World: Netflix’s ‘Simian Army’ of ‘Chaos Monkeys’ has proven to be a useful tool against network outages, and now it’s available for everyone.

BT backpedals on claims almost every Android device has malware

wtorek, 31 Lipiec 2012

ZDNet: British Telecom has backpedaled on claims that one third of Android apps are compromised with some form of active or dormant malware, and that almost every Android device is infected.

Red Hat’s Top 4 Priorities for 2013: Cloud, Virtualization, And…

wtorek, 31 Lipiec 2012

 The VAR Guy: What are Red Hat?’s top four priorities for its fiscal year 2013?

Why You Should Always Use Nginx With Microcaching

wtorek, 31 Lipiec 2012

A bold experiment this August: One new Linux distribution every day

wtorek, 31 Lipiec 2012 Todd Robinson, co-founder of Webpath Technologies and systems development engineer at, has announced the “31 Flavors of Fun” project

Ubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3 unifies user menus

sobota, 28 Lipiec 2012

The H Open: Changes to Nautilus from the upstream GNOME project have led to a somewhat unfavourable look for Ubuntu’s file manager in this release.