Archiwum z Grudzień 2013

Linux Foundation Highlights Linux for Mobile, Cars, Gaming, Cloud

niedziela, 29 Grudzień 2013

The VAR Guy: What were the Linux community’s biggest achievements in 2013? The answer may depend on your perspective.

How to browse and search API documentation offline on Linux

niedziela, 29 Grudzień 2013

Xmodulo: In this tutorial, I will describe how set up Zeal to browse and search API documentation offline on Linux platforms.

Year-in-Review: Government hot topics on

niedziela, 29 Grudzień 2013 This year has been a reminder that an open source policy is an important step for governments to take. However, it’s only the first step.

BitHub Pays Open-Source Developers in Bitcoin

sobota, 28 Grudzień 2013

CoinDesk: Bitcoin donations made through BitHub are collected and held in one large fund, which is then divided up and allocated to those who commit to working on a specific application.

51 Useful Lesser Known Commands for Linux Users

sobota, 28 Grudzień 2013

Tecmint: Linux command line is attractive and fascinating, and there exists a flock of Linux user who are addictive to command Line.

Fedora Utils: An overview

sobota, 28 Grudzień 2013

World of Gnome: I made the switch to Fedora, which provided my preferred experience.

Canonical Launches Android and Ubuntu Touch Dual Boot App

piątek, 27 Grudzień 2013

Softpedia: Canonical has ended the year with a bang by releasing a dual-boot tool for their Ubuntu Touch operating system.

Install & configure Zimbra Open Source Mail Server on CentOS 6.X / RHEL 6.X

czwartek, 26 Grudzień 2013

Nextstep4it: Zimbra  is a Free Email Server and Calendar & collaboration solution, built for the both  public and private cloud.

Linux is Everywhere. We show you exactly where

czwartek, 26 Grudzień 2013

Linux Federation: Linux is Everywhere. From Space Stations to Microwave Ovens, Linux powers everything. You might have heard that a lot and have always wondered, is that just a phrase or is it actually true?

Out in the Open: Ex-Google Ad Man Saves You From Ad Hell

czwartek, 26 Grudzień 2013

WIRED: The NSA isn’t the only one watching what you do online, and a former Googler is here to help protect you from their prying eyes.