Archiwum z Październik 2015

Django Models

piątek, 30 Październik 2015

LinuxJournal: In this article, I look at Django’s ORM (object-relational mapper).

Plasma 5 Powers KaOS Productivity

piątek, 30 Październik 2015

LinuxInsider: I was very impressed then with the solid performance of KaOS, and I liked how the community gave the KDE a tamer personality.

Replace Your Laptop with an Android Tablet

czwartek, 29 Październik 2015 Your sleek little Android tablet is easy to carry, so why not make it your travel computer?

Android-based "Brillo" IoT OS arrives with hacker SBC support

środa, 28 Październik 2015

 LinuxGizmos: Google launched developer access to its lightweight, Android based Brillo OS for IoT, which initially supports a trio of ARM, Intel, and MIPS hacker SBCs.

Cinnamon 2.8 Gets Its First Point Release, Several Bugs Were Fixed

środa, 28 Październik 2015

Among the most important changes implemented in Cinnamon 2.8.1, we can mention that the Workspace Switcher applet

Raspberry Pi Nows Run Any Ubuntu, but not GNOME, KDE, Unity

środa, 28 Październik 2015

 The VAR Guy: Raspberry Pi devices can now run all versions of Ubuntu Linux thanks to porting tools developed originally for Ubuntu MATE.

Open source software’s implications beyond software

środa, 28 Październik 2015

Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, was sporting his red shoes as he spoke to a crowded room at All Things Open last week.

[HowTo] Linux Read CPU Temperature Sensor Chip Data Including Voltage and Fan Speed With lm-sensors

środa, 28 Październik 2015

Nixcraft: How do I monitor my Linux server cpu hardware and all sensor chips data using a command prompt on a Debian or Ubuntu?

Best Linux Video Editors

środa, 28 Październik 2015

One of the most common questions I receive is “what are the best video editors for Linux?

[SOLVED] Adobe Bracket Is Not Installing In Ubuntu 15.10 Due To Missing Dependency "Libgcrypt11"

środa, 28 Październik 2015

Ubuntu 15.10 was released recently with many missing dependencies