Archiwum z Maj 2016

Seeing Red and Getting Sleep

wtorek, 31 Maj 2016

LinuxJournal: If you struggle with sleeplessness especially when you first go to bed, give Twilight a try.

Arcan: A New Open-Source Display Server Built Atop A Game Engine

wtorek, 31 Maj 2016

Phoronix: Arcan is a portable display server built on the corpse of a game engine

Calamares 2.2.3 Universal Installer Adds Locale Choice Support on Debian Linux

wtorek, 31 Maj 2016

Calamares 2.2.3 fixes more issues that have been discovered or reported by users

Arch Linux-Based ArchAssault Ethical Hacking Distro Changes Name to ArchStrike

wtorek, 31 Maj 2016

New competitor emerged for kali linux

Linux 4.7 rc1

wtorek, 31 Maj 2016

Linus Torvalds: This time around we have a fairly big change to the vfs layer

Never Lose Another File Again By Mastering Mlocate

wtorek, 31 Maj 2016

It’s not uncommon for a Sysadmin to have to find needles which are buried deep inside haystacks.

ownCloud Mail 0.5 released

poniedziałek, 30 Maj 2016

The ownCloud Mail app team released it’s 0.5 version with ICS calendar event attachment import and many other small enhancements.

How to Use Incron to Monitor Important Files and Folders

poniedziałek, 30 Maj 2016

Incron is similar to cron, but instead of running a command based on time, it can trigger commands when a file/directory event occurs

Amazon Debuts Flourish, a Runtime Application Model for Serverless Computing

poniedziałek, 30 Maj 2016

NewStack: Amazon Web Services has started to build out support tooling for its Lambda-based serverless infrastructure. At

EMC Targets Cloud and IoT with UniK, an Open Source Unikernel Tool

sobota, 28 Maj 2016

 The VAR Guy: EMC’s open source UniK unikernel orchestration tool promises to ease unikernel-based application deployment for the cloud and IoT.