Archiwum z Maj 2016

How to convert DEB files to RPM and Vice Versa

sobota, 28 Maj 2016

 LinuxPitStop: How do you convert from a deb to an RPM?

Solus Project Announces New Tool for Enabling Better Steam Integration on Linux

piątek, 27 Maj 2016

 softpedia: Getting Steam to run, just got a bit easier.

All You Need To Know About Ubuntu Scopes

piątek, 27 Maj 2016

 tecmint: what are scopes and how to use them effectively.

Ubuntu-Based BackBox Linux 4.6 Launches with Updated Hacking Tools, Kernel 4.2

piątek, 27 Maj 2016

 softpedia: BackBox Linux 4.6 arrives four months since the release of BackBox Linux 4.5, bringing many updated hacking tools.

How To Create Snapshots And Restore Your Linux System Using Btrfs

piątek, 27 Maj 2016

 LinuxPitStop: Btrfs, which can be pronounced as Butter FS, Better FS, is a modern file system that began development back in 2007.

Turn an old smartphone into a home automation gizmo

piątek, 27 Maj 2016

 hackerboards: There is more than one way to ‘recycle’ an old cellphone

Open source at your company? 6 questions your manager will ask

piątek, 27 Maj 2016

 OpenSource: Be prepared before you go in.

10 more pointless (but awesome) Linux terminal tricks

piątek, 27 Maj 2016

 NetworkWorld: It’s a long weekend – you’ve got something better to do ?

Whatever Happened To Ubuntu Light?

środa, 25 Maj 2016

OMG Ubuntu: Do you recall Ubuntu Light?

Rebellin Linux Offers Best of Both Gnome Worlds

środa, 25 Maj 2016

LinuxInsider: Rebellin Linux is a smart-looking, fast distro that is both lightweight and secure. It is well worth checking out.