Archiwum z Czerwiec 2016

GraphDash, a web-based dashboard built on graphs and their metadata

czwartek, 30 Czerwiec 2016

GraphDash is a web-based dashboard built on graphs and their metadata.

Android malware pretends to be WhatsApp, Uber and Google Play

czwartek, 30 Czerwiec 2016

The malware has been spreading through a phishing campaign over SMS

Setting Up an NFS Server and Client on CentOS 7.2

czwartek, 30 Czerwiec 2016

HowToForge: This guide explains how to set up an NFS server and an NFS client on CentOS 7.

Mutter Updated for GNOME 3.20 to Fix the X11/Wayland Copy and Paste Interaction

czwartek, 30 Czerwiec 2016

 softpedia: The GNOME developers are always hard at work patching bugs in the popular desktop environment used by default in many GNU/Linux operating system

Red Hat Summit Hosts a Wedding – for Real. #RHSummit

czwartek, 30 Czerwiec 2016

InternetNews: At first, I thought it was a joke – a marketing ploy – but it’s not

How to Securely and Anonymously Share Files of Any Size Over the Tor Network with OnionShare

czwartek, 30 Czerwiec 2016

 tecmint: Onionshare is an open source desktop utility that allows you to share files hosted on your own computer of any size securely and anonymously using the Tor browser on the other end.

COMs run Android on quad- or octa-core Samsung SoCs

środa, 29 Czerwiec 2016

hackerboards: Boardcon announced a pair of 70 x 58mm COMs that run Android on Samsung’s quad-core, Cortex-A9 S5P4418 and octa-core, Cortex-A53 S5P6818 SoCs.

Open Source: It’s Not Just About Software Anymore

środa, 29 Czerwiec 2016

 FOSSforce: Open source is no longer just about the software that sits on your computer.

How to configure networking in Linux

środa, 29 Czerwiec 2016 Connecting your Linux computer to a network is pretty straightforward, except when it is not.

Fedora 24 Pushes Linux Boundaries

poniedziałek, 27 Czerwiec 2016

LinuxInsider: Fedora 24 is the result of Fedora’s drive to provide the latest powerful open source tools and components to a variety of end users