Archiwum z Sierpień 2016

LinuxConsole 2.5 Gaming Distro Out Now with Minecraft, SuperTux, and Many Games

sobota, 27 Sierpień 2016

 LinuxConsole ships with modern GNU/Linux technologies and open source software/games, as well as with both the LXDE and MATE desktop environments.

How To Completely Disable Mouse Acceleration

piątek, 26 Sierpień 2016

WebUpd8: Mouse acceleration makes the pointer movement depend on the speed with which you move the mouse, accelerating as you move it faster.

Getting Started with Apache ModSecurity on Debian and Ubuntu

piątek, 26 Sierpień 2016

ModSecurity is a Web Application Firewall: a program that can be used to inspect information as it passes through your web server,

MultiTail : Monitor Multiple Files Simultaneously in a Single Linux Terminal

piątek, 26 Sierpień 2016

MultiTail is an open source ncurses utility that can be used to display multiple logfiles to standard output in a single window

The Sad State of Docker

piątek, 26 Sierpień 2016

I am very disappointed lately how Docker handled the 1.12 release.

25 Years of Linux: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

piątek, 26 Sierpień 2016

LinuxInsider: Today the Linux community is estimated to be upwards of 86 million users strong.

Linus on Linux’s 25th birthday

piątek, 26 Sierpień 2016

ZDnet: Linus Torvalds describes Linux’s secret origins.

How Core Infrastructure Initiative Aims to Secure the Internet

czwartek, 25 Sierpień 2016

VIDEO: Nicko van Someren, CTO of the Linux Foundation, discusses how the CII is moving forward to make open-source software more secure.

How Cloud Native Computing Is Evolving

czwartek, 25 Sierpień 2016

eWEEK: The path to cloud native computing isn’t just about using containers and microservices.

Jay Beale: Linux Security and Remembering Bastille Linux

czwartek, 25 Sierpień 2016

“Secure by design” doesn’t mean that Linux users should take a carefree approach to security.