Archiwum z Październik 2016

Gentoo-Based Sabayon 16.11 Is Out with Linux Kernel 4.8, Supports Banana Pi SBC

poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016

Mitchell Hashimoto Talks About His Superpower and Why You Should Find Yours

poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016

ItPro: Mitchell Hashimoto is no vagrant (pun intended).

The (updated) history of Android

poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016

Ars Technica: Follow the endless iterations from Android 0.5 to Android 7 and beyond.

Microservices and Smart Networks Will Save the Internet

poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016 Imagine smart cars talking directly to each other so they don’t crash.

Debian 9 "Stretch" Drops PowerPC As A Release Architecture

poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016

Phoronix: The Debian Release Team has decided upon the official release architectures for next year’s Debian 9.0 “Stretch” release.

Perl might be old school, but it continues to attract new users

poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016

The powerful and pragmatic nature of Perl and its supportive community make it a great choice for a wide array of uses across a variety of industries.

Joomla websites attacked en masse using recently patched exploits

poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016

Attackers are aggressively attacking Joomla-based websites by exploiting two critical vulnerabilities patched last week.

4 Useful Way to Know Plugged USB Device Name in Linux

poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016

tecmint: As a newbie, one of the many things you should master in Linux is identification of devices attached to your system.

Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Officially Released Based on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, Moksha 0.2.1

poniedziałek, 31 Październik 2016

 softpedia: Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 has been in development for the past four months, during which it received two Alpha snapshots and no less than three Beta builds

Setting Up Web-Based Guacamole Tool to Access Remote Linux/Windows Machines

piątek, 28 Październik 2016

In this article we will introduce you to guacamole, a remote desktop gateway powered by Tomcat that only needs to be installed on a central server.