Archiwum z Kwiecień 2017

IBM Advances OpenWhisk Serverless Vision

piątek, 28 Kwiecień 2017

The computing paradigm commonly known as ’serverless’ computing isn’t for everyone, but it does have a place and plenty of opportunities for those willing to explore.

Ubuntu 12.04 Linux Hits End of Life Today

piątek, 28 Kwiecień 2017

ServerWatch: Ubuntu 12.04 dies today, but not for everyone.

Google Assistant SDK preview brings voice agent to the Raspberry Pi

piątek, 28 Kwiecień 2017

LinuxGizmos: Google has released a Python-based Google Assistant SDK thats designed for prototyping voice agent technology on the Raspberry Pi 3.

Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" Just Around the Corner, Live Images to Support UEFI

piątek, 28 Kwiecień 2017

Debian developer Jonathan Wiltshire revealed that the final release of Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” might not include Secure Boot support

4 types of OpenStack Neutron networks you must understand

piątek, 28 Kwiecień 2017

If your OpenStack hosted virtual instances need network connectivity, you’re going to have to create a network.

Cross-platform development with Python and BeeWare

piątek, 28 Kwiecień 2017

Learn how the BeeWare suite of libraries and bridges will help Python developers deploy code across platforms.

How to Install Invoice Ninja on Ubuntu 16.04

piątek, 28 Kwiecień 2017

HowToForge: Invoice Ninja is a web-based open source software for invoicing, payments, time tracking and much more

Tor Revamps Guard Selection Algorithm to Resist Guard-Capture Attacks

piątek, 28 Kwiecień 2017

The Tor 0.3.0 stable series also deprecates the use of old RSA1024 keys for both relays and clients

How to Install and Run VLC Media Player as Root in Linux

piątek, 28 Kwiecień 2017

Learn a simple hack that will enable you to run VLC media player as root user in Linux.

Receiving an AES67 stream with GStreamer

wtorek, 25 Kwiecień 2017

GStreamer is great for all kinds of multimedia applications, but did you know it could also be used to create studio grade professional audio applications?