Archiwum z Kwiecień 2017

Lessons learned from the failure of Ubuntu Touch

wtorek, 25 Kwiecień 2017

NetworkWorld: If we want an open-source, Linux-based mobile platform to succeed, these are the steps we have to take.

Gyazo – An Easy Way to Capture Screenshots, GIFs and Save Websites

wtorek, 25 Kwiecień 2017

Gyazo is a screen capturing application with which you can quickly take quality shots of your screen and also create GIFs on the fly with a simple click.

Running Kodi on the Asus Tinker Board

wtorek, 25 Kwiecień 2017

This walk-through explains how to install FTMC, a fork of Kodi, on the Tinker Board under Android.

How Kubernetes is making contributing easy

wtorek, 25 Kwiecień 2017 Easy on-ramps for contributors are something that Novotny refers to as “mean time to dopamine.”

Securing Docker, One Patch at a Time

wtorek, 25 Kwiecień 2017

eSecurityPlanet: The open-source Docker container project integrates many different security approaches, but like every other software project, it still has to deal with reported software vulnerabilities.

How The Update Framework Improves Security of Software Updates

wtorek, 25 Kwiecień 2017

Simply using HTTPS to make sure a software update is secure isn’t enough to fully validate that a given update hasn’t been tampered with. That’s where The Update Framework can help.

Auto Shutdown, Reboot, Suspend, Hibernate Your Linux System At A Specific Time

wtorek, 25 Kwiecień 2017

Auto Shutdown, Suspend, Hibernate Your Linux System At A Specific Time using qShutdown and Autopoweroff utilities.

ShellCheck -A Tool That Shows Warnings and Suggestions for Shell Scripts

wtorek, 25 Kwiecień 2017

tecmint: ShellCheck is a static analysis tool that shows warnings and suggestions concerning bad code in bash/sh shell scripts.

Understanding Shell Initialization Files and User Profiles in Linux

sobota, 22 Kwiecień 2017

tecmint: Learn about shell initialization files in relation to user profiles for local user management in Linux.

OpenStack Radium? Maybe…but it could be Formidable

sobota, 22 Kwiecień 2017

InternetNews: OK the first results are in from the OpenStack community naming process for the R release. The winner at this point is Radium.